Our Partners

TEDxHHL is a non-profit organization. Our conference relies on the support of several of the most important knowledge-based corporations and institutes present in our region.

Like our organizing team, our partners vividly believe in the importance of a TEDx platform for our city and broader region. Together, TEDxHHL partners and team aim to offer our audience an opportunity to experience a mind shifting day and to stimulate everyone to take individual action to make a positive contribution to the world, whether small or big, locally or globally.

Our aim is to make our community realize that together we can create a huge impact.


We’re PRISMA – the European Capacity Platform.

PRISMA is the major marketplace in Europe for booking and trading gas capacity. As a substantial part of the integrated European energy market, we connect gas markets for 16 European countries. Our main task is the development and operation of the PRISMA capacity platform as well as the coordination of our stakeholders’ interests related to it. Our services include harmonised capacity products, auction and trading mechanisms, and related products for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Storage System Operators (SSOs. We are a small company with a big impact. More …

We explain people.

99pro media shows real stories with authentic characters in our documentations. We discover great peoples, stories and formats. Television should always be special always new. Our aim is to understand people and their motivations, tell their story and spread their ideas to build the foundation of a tolerant world open society. We are company: From the place to produce to the place to be. 99pro media is the basis to make ideas visible and create media events. Our brand 99pro stand for 99% – the courage to not be perfect. More …

The HHL Alumni Association e.V. (HHLAA) is the official association of alumni of HHL who have graduated after HHL’s reestablishment in 1992 and the foundation of HHLAA in 1997. As Germany’s oldest business school HHL continues to be one of the country’s leading management institutions, offering international business education based on elite academic standards. HHL’s alumni network comprises more than 2,500 professionals in over 75 different countries. Many of them hold senior positions in major industries and, with over 250 established start-ups within the last 20 years, they are also recognized as dynamic entrepreneurs. More… 


As insurance agents it is our main objective to offer our clients the best possible and most objective advise and create value through that. With 35 years’ experience in the insurance industry, excellent skilled co-workers and a large network to all relevant players we bring our clients in the most favorable market position. Strong independent consultancies like Hoesch & Partner makes a difference with their customer-oriented values, well-structured advisory approach and skilled employees. That is how we win the trust of our partners time and time again! More… 

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TEDxHHL is an independently organized TEDx conference hosted by the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

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