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Take a peek inside TedxHHL 2018
The Power of Attraction

Last year’s TEDxHHL event was a tremendous success and a great source of inspiration for all participants.

Eric Hegmann · Florian Schroeder · Nicola Graef · Marcel Loko · Jannike Stöhr · Timo Meynhardt · Wallis Giunta · Jane Whyatt · Paula Schwarz

Take a peek inside TedxHHL 2017
The Ripple Effect

TEDxHHL 2017 witnessed 100 guests, 10 talks and 2 music performances sourrounding “The Ripple Effect”. The theme sought to create the context for realizing that everyone can make a difference in the world they are in, by taking the first step to thinking abroad with what they already know. 


Martin Winter · Raphael Fellmer · Anne Flammersfeld · Julius Emmerich · Nils Seger · Martina Neef · Giulia Muntoni · Philipp Buddemeier · Tom James · Anne Kliebisch · Kai Gondlach · Dirk Brückner · Sobi

Take a peek inside TedxHHL 2016
Beyond the Ordinary

TEDxHHL 2016 took place on October 14th 2016 and hosted speakers like Dr. Henning Beck, Maximilian Twelker and Tina Thörner, who all tried to provide the audience with a glimpse of the unconventional. The event was entertained by two distinguished artists, Graham Candy and Jan Jakob.


Henning Beck · Konstanze Frölich · Suzanne Grieger-Langer · Hendrik Heuermann · Maxi Knust · Maximilian Twelker · Dr. Andy Ouderkirk · Andreas Schneider · Dr. Marc Schumacher · Tina Thörner · Graham Candy · Dirk Brückner

Take a peek inside TedxHHL 2015
Breaking Down Walls

TEDxHHL 2015 took place on October 8th 2015 and hosted speakers like Boris Grundl, Designer Anna Berkenbusch and Comedian Vince Ebert, who talked about the topic of “Breaking Down Walls” to reach new heights in their passion or experience new aspects of life that once were isolated. The event was entertained by three distinguished artists, Dolus Mutombo and Sophia Bicking & Olga Reznichenko.

Boris Grundl · Prof. Anna Berkenbusch · Vince Ebert · Tobias Gantne · Jana Tepe · Michael Carl · Andreas Bischof · Florian Hill · Pater Justinus C. Pech · ​Dolus Mutombo · Sophia Bicking · Olga Reznichenko  

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TEDxHHL is an independently organized TEDx conference hosted by the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

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